Each Greek warrior (Hoplites, Spartans and Macedonians) provided his own equipment. Thus, only those who could afford such weaponry fought as hoplites; Equipment was not standardised, although there were doubtless trends in general designs over time, and between city-states. The shield was decorated with family or clan emblems, although in later years these were replaced by symbols or monograms of the city states. The equipment might well be passed down in families, since it would have been expensive to manufacture.

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  • Leather Scale Greaves

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  • Leather Scales Bracer(Pair)

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  • Leather Scale Armour with back Plate

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  • Brass Scale Armour (Lorica Squamata)

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  • Brass scale armour (Lorica Squamata)- With Doublet

    SKU: AH6163B
    Price: $1,259.00
  • Brass Scale Armour

    SKU: AH6161B
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  • Alexander The Great - Linen Cuirass

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  • Folding Greaves

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  • Archaic Greek Greaves

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    SKU: AH6096N
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  • Three Disc Armour and Belt (Brass)

    SKU: AH6088B
    Price: $452.00
  • Royal Muscled Cuirass with belt

    SKU: AH6071R
    Price: $404.00

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