Armoury Belts

Armoury Belts

Soldiers throughout history have often worn belts – the Greeks and Romans certainly had them in leather to carry weapons and for tying their tunics, still allowing freedom of movement. Many brass rubbings show hip belts work in the Crusades period. Today belts are not only worn to keep one's trousers or skirt in the ideal position but also for beauty, to be a fashionable accessory statement.

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  1. Roman 1st C. Mainz Belt Tin Plated

    SKU: AH6798T
    Price: $0.00
  2. She wolf Cingulum Roman Belt

    SKU: AH6797
    Price: $214.00
  3. Reingonheim Cingulum Roman Belt

    SKU: AH6796
    Price: $238.00
  4. Roman Belt (Ringed)

    SKU: AH6760
    Price: $182.00
  5. Roman Disc Legionary Belt

    SKU: AH6725
    Price: $270.00
  6. Late Roman Belt

    SKU: AH6702
    Price: $190.00
  7. Roman Military Belt

    SKU: AH3869
    Price: $247.00
  8. Roman Brass Dec. With Apron Belt

    SKU: AH3868N
    Price: $247.00

8 Item(s)

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