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Late Roman Centurian

Price: $190.00
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Late Roman Centurian

This is an adaptation of the two halves "ridge" helmets of Rome's enemy, the Sassanian Perisan empire, has embossed detailing that includes a crescent on the crown and an eye where a brow usually appears

This replica of a late roman centurion helmet is based on an original found near Intercisa, Hungary. This type of Roman Centurion Helmet was common from the end of the 3rd century to the end of the Roman Empire.

Price: $190.00
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18 gauge steel with leather lined interior and trim
embossed detailing
central metal crest

Size: Inner circumference of this helmet varies slightly, but the standard size is around 24 inches.

Material: Steel

UPC: 680596068112

Descripion: This is a more Roman feature. Made of 18 gauge steel and leather lined and stitched trim. The neck and cheek flap appear to be riveted in place for flexibility.

Historical Period: 4th-5th Century Infantry or Cavalry.

Inspiration: Based on the similar two halves "ridge" helmets of Rome's enemy, the Sassanian Perisan empire.

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