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Imperial Italic D

Price: $261.00
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Imperial Italic 'D'

This Roman Imperial Italic D Helmet is patterned after an original from the Rhine at Mainz, one the best-preserved Roman helmets to have survived. Robinson dated this helmet to the second half of the 1st century AD, but some experts believe that his dating is far too early. The congruence of this style with later helmets of the Italic series, such as the Italic G and H (Niedermörmter), suggests that it is at least from the early 2nd century AD. Others, including Dan Peterson, continue to support Robinson's earlier dating, so it may safely be used by re-enactors portraying either the first or second centuries AD

This well research Imperial Italic D type helmet incorporates an 18 gauge steel cranium with much brass furniture, such as decorative cross-bracing and symbols such as eagles, temples and altars on the cheek guards and the cranium. Hinged cheek flaps and embellished neck guard complete this hand crafted piece.

Historical Period: 1st century to 2nd century AD

Inspiration: Patterned after an original from the Rhine at Mainz.

Price: $261.00
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Standard internal circumference of 23-25 inches.
4 lb 4 oz.
Decorative cross-bracing.
Symbols such as eagles, temples and altars on the cheek guards and the cranium.
8 gauge steel with brass.
Hinged cheek flaps.
Embellished neck guard.


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