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Gallic 'F '(Becancon)

Price: $225.00
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Gallic 'F '(Becancon)

Derived from a Celtic original, the Imperial helmet had more advanced features, such as a sloped neck guard with ribbing at the nape, projecting ear guards, brass trim, and decorative bosses.

This style of Roman Legionary Helmet or "galea" dates from the 1st Century AD. It is of the "Imperial Gallic F" type, a style influenced heavily by the craftsmen of Gaul (France). Our replica is based on a helmet found at an amphitheatre at Besançon, France and currently on display in the Musee Des Beaux-Art Et D'archeologie.
The Gallic 'F' Roman Helmet (Becancon) is an accurate replica ornate based off historical research and authentic in its design. Based on the complete helmet found in the amphitheatre at Besan on France. Unusual use of all copper rivets on this helmet


Price: $225.00
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Domed helmet in a Mainz style
brass rivets, fittings, and plume mounting hardware
hinged cheek protectors
embossed detailing.

Material: Brass,18gauge

Size: 7.5"x9"

Historical Period: approximately 1st century AD.

Inspiration: Based on the complete helmet found in the amphitheatre at Besançon France.

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