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16-17th C. Peak Morion Helmet

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Peak Morion (Etched)

A Morion is an open helmet that was worn mainly in the 16th century to early 17th century.It has a flat brim and crest running from front to back.It was worn mainly in North America and South America,during the Middle ages.Its black color with silver painted crown makes it unique and a decorative piece.It is completely wearable and can be used for costume dressing also. 
A comb morion helmet which is dated from the middle of the 16th century. The helmet has been varnished black with the comb and Fleur-de-Li's hand-painted followed by acid etching. The Morion was mainly used by foot soldiers and pike men, later also by household troops and town watches. They are still worn by the Swiss Guards today.The helmet has a comfortable, adjustable leather liner and a strong chin-strap with buckle.


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Price: $143.00
Price: $143.00
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Material: Mild Steel,18 guage

Size: 7.5”x8.5”

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