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14th C. Italian Da Carrara Beast Hammer

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14th C. Italian Da Carrara Beast Hammer 

The Museo Civico Correr in Venice, Italy houses a unique artifact: an imposing warhammer whose head is in the shape of a dragon. Dated to the circa 1380, this weapon is connected to Francesco II da Carrara, also known as Francesco Novello da Carrara, Lord of Padua (1359-1406).
This hammer is one of the oldest Germanic weapons , used by the cavalry from the 13th century .This replica of a hammer from the 14th century has been made from brass and shows a beast with its mouth wide open . From the mouth of the beast is the hammer head , while the mandrel is the tail of the beast ,and like the head has been made of steel .The shaft of the hammer is made of wood and finishes at the end in brass .It is completely usable for reenactment purposes.

Price: $214.00
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Material: Carbon steel and Wood

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